Here is a report from Ron, leader of the Fredericksburg, Virginia team:

“SPSE Team Fredericksburg celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day in Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania. Investing time at the Salem Church Library offering rosaries (many green) to interested folks. We were well received, and the popularity of the SPSE pamphlet on praying the rosary was noticeable. One person approached and said he would take a rosary, if I would do him a favor. His favor: give him a copy of the Praying the Rosary Pamphlet. He had the interest and time, so we discussed praying the rosary in detail, illustrating that it is a Bible based prayer. Lolli noted that some people that had approached stated that they were/are Catholic but did not know how to pray the rosary. One child noticed the crucifix on the rosary and asked “What happened to him?”

Saturday, we spent in downtown Fredericksburg. Lots of rosaries were accepted, and the pamphlet on the rosary was still popular. Many notable encounters. I will mention a few. One person shared their personal situation and difficulties with their “special other.” As we chatted, there was an opportunity to encourage praying the rosary as a couple, consider attending Mass, and perhaps seek the consultation of a priest to help them on some of the issues. We finished our discussion in prayer: praying for healing for the person’s “special other.” Another conversation lasted for a rather long time. The rosary was discussed in detail, as well as the Eucharist. I was impressed about how much genuine listening he was doing, so I inquired into his Christian denomination. He is Mormon.

Another person was offered a rosary and accepted. She had an ‘open mind’ regarding praying the rosary. In accepting the rosary, she mentioned that her husband is Catholic. We spent some time highlighting the biblical references that pertain to each mystery of the rosary. The husband (who remained a few steps away during this whole conversation) approached as the conversation concluded; thanked me for taking the time to explain the rosary, and mentioned that those who have a devotion to the rosary die a peaceful death. Surprised by the comment, I quietly reflected, and mentioned that my mom was devoted to the rosary and she passed in a peaceful death.”