Austin, TX. When you help others learn to evangelize, you consistently find people surprised at how effective, and relatively easy a brief conversation with a stranger on the street can be. St Paul Street Evangelization national director Steve Dawson, and program director, Adam Janke, were recently in Texas to lead a Basic Evangelization Training event. There were twenty participants in the training. After the training was over, the group hit the streets of Austin to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test.

Steve, as it turned out, had the first encounter of the day with the young woman in the picture. By a series of questions, he quickly discovered that she was a Catholic who had not been practicing. Especially since she moved to Austin – she had not been to Mass. So Steve asked if he could tell her why he chooses to attend Mass every Sunday, and Confession regularly. By the end of the conversation, the young lady had committed to begin doing the same. The trainees watched on – and were astonished that their first encounter went so well.

They met another young lady who was Catholic, except she went to mass and confession regularly. Steve asked if she had consecrated her life to our Lady. They briefly discussed consecration and he gave her a card with a consecration prayer. She was excited about it!

They also met two Muslim ladies that afternoon. They wanted rosaries until they noticed that they had crosses on them, saying that that cannot accept crosses. So the evangelists asked, “How about the Miraculous Medal of Miriam?” That, apparently, was allowed, so they each took one. One of the ladies was particularly excited, saying, “My name is Miriam!”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please pray for all the participants of the Austin training and all those whom they met on the street. And consider bringing a training to your town! If interested, please contact us!