Phoenix, AZ. On a recent Friday, the Phoenix Northwest SPSE team attended the Phoenix Downtown Art Walk. It was an eventful night that started with a former Catholic showing rosaries to his sons and then proclaiming that invoking Mary’s name is a sin. The team tried to talk to him but the family quickly left, however returned later. David and Sean, who run two other Arizona SPSE teams, had a fruitful conversation with the Dad. He let Susan talk to his young teenaged boys. The boys accepted the Good News SPSE holy card and asked good questions about Catholics and Mary. They were very polite and said they are open to the ideas of others. Meanwhile, their Dad agreed to go to lunch with Sean at a later date. (Please pray that this goes well.)

Susan was approached by two Christian evangelists. One has written and published his own tract, and Susan accepted a copy. Louie is a former Catholic and David was a Pentecostal become Baptist. Susan, Louie and David found many things to agree upon, including our wish that all Christians were united. Susan is praying for a special intention of David’s (and hopes you will do the same). Sometimes finding common ground is the best we can do with people convicted enough to be doing the same thing we are – trying to win souls for Christ!

Fiona and Bob, evangelists, had great success handing out Miraculous Medals. The Phoenix NW team has found many people who don’t want a rosary, absolutely love the Miraculous Medal. One motorcyclist took the medal, thanking us for reminding him that he needs protection for his soul.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you, team Phoenix NW! … Our cultures are dying for lack of knowledge of God. Now is the time to bring our faith in Jesus Christ to the public square! Our Arizona and other Saint Paul Street Evangelization teams are committed to sharing the faith in public. Will you join them? There is truly nothing of real value to lose, and the Kingdom of God to gain!