Dallas, TX. Gene had a forty-five minute to one hour conversation with this non-denominational gentleman who said he ministers to the homeless. The gentleman had many disagreements with Catholic doctrine. They covered many subjects including Papal Infallibility (which the man confused with impeccability), biblical interpretation, where the Bible came from, authority, etc. Evangelist Paul asked the man about biblical interpretation, and gave the example of the baptism of infants: A Baptist says, “No way.” A Presbyterian says, “Ok, but it’s merely symbolic.” An Episcopalian says, “It’s necessary and washes away sin.” Who’s right? They all read the same Bible. The man’s answer? … All of them! (Oh boy!) … When he finally had to leave, he was loaded down with CD’s, literature, and Gene’s contact information. Please pray for him!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you, Gene, Paul, and the Dallas team, for bearing witness to the truth, and working for the unity of the Church!

We need more evangelists, all over the country and beyond, to bear witness to the truth on the streets and sidewalks of our cities. Will you be one of them?