Detroit, MI. Sometimes, our evangelizing presence makes people nervous. Kathryn and Bob went evangelizing near the famous Eastern Market in Detroit. At first, they had set up in the wrong area, and someone came and told them were told to move onto public property… “Absolutely – No problem!” A second time, the person approached them, telling them to be sure not to block the sidewalk… “Thanks for the reminder!” A third time the person came, and told them, in case someone else approached them, that there were vendors complaining about their presence, but since they weren’t doing anything wrong, they shouldn’t let anything deter them.

The next time they went to the Eastern Market, they set up immediately in the right place. They knew what they could do and not do. Even then, a man approached and told them that they can’t be there. They told him that they, indeed, COULD be there. They were set up on the public sidewalk; they weren’t blocking foot traffic, and they weren’t selling things. They had talked to security guards who passed by, and they were good with them being there…

As for the evangelizing itself, they had great outings. Many women approached who were interested in the rosaries, thinking that they were necklaces. As Kathryn and Bob explained the rosary, many got excited about the prospect of getting one and learning how to pray it. They also questioned many: “Are you Christian?” … “Have you considered Church?” … “May I give you one good reason that I choose to be Catholic?” When they told people that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church, and started explaining how we know this to be true, many looked completely shocked. Kathryn, in particular, was amazed at the acceptance and interest people have in spiritual things when you just explain them.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Any outside resistance we get to our evangelization efforts is minimal. The real resistance is in the spiritual realm. And arguably the biggest temptation against fulfilling the great commission is fear. Do not let fear deter you. Share the faith received from the Apostles.