The Phoenix, AZ team made themselves available near the downtown Gilbert Farmers market from about 8 to 10:30am on a past Saturday, and had some good conversations. Sean, Bill, Anne Marie, and Dave found a great spot near a side entrance right across from the main parking lot. Tables are not allowed on the sidewalk, so they simply spread out a blanket and placed their pamphlets, medals, and other information on it.

One young lady was discerning whether to be baptized and in what Christian faith, which was a great chance to discuss the history and beauty of the Church Jesus founded. An older woman was very thankful to receive miraculous medals for herself and for her mother who was very ill. She was unaware of the story behind the medal, and the fact that Catherine Labouré is one of our Catholic “incorruptibles.” Another fallen away Catholic woman talked about her life and they had a twenty minute discussion about returning to the faith, and the beauty and grace of the sacraments.

As the weather gets warmer, this new spot will be a great place for a regular Saturday morning appearance. Please pray about joining us soon! Or maybe starting a team? Or becoming a supporting member? Bring the truth of Christ to as many people as possible!