Lincoln, NE. Team leader Wayne sent us this recent update on his team’s first outing of the year:

St. Paul Street Evangelization kicked off the year in Lincoln at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Sue, Bob, and Joe were the evangelists who answered this Saturday call. It was a chilly, sunny morning with a moderate amount of customer traffic. The “angel medals” featuring St. Michael the Archangel were quite popular and outnumbered the rosaries for today’s gift total.
Bob had several interesting encounters with faithful Protestants. He met Jill and James who are active Presbyterians and were interested in discussing the origin of the bible. They joined their current church because of an introduction to the church from a friend. They enjoy the focus on the gospel, the family, and the activities that are available to the children. They are also active in their church choir. They were happy to accept a St. Michael medal and 2 books, “Made for More” by Curtis Martin, and “Pillar of Fire” by Catholic Answers.

A gentleman from Colorado who is Methodist stopped by. He said he was Methodist because he was raised in that faith. He and Bob had a discussion on how one ends up in their current church. He accepted the “Where We Got the Bible” pamphlet and a St. Michael medal and prayer card.

A Lutheran man stopped by and when asked by Bob why he was Lutheran, he said, “I’m Lutheran because my brother is Catholic!” He said they always have some interesting discussions at family gatherings. He accepted a pamphlet on “Where We Got the Bible” and “Why be Catholic.”

Sue participated in SPSE for the first time, and appears to be a natural at interacting with people. She has served as a Catholic street counselor at the local abortion clinic, and was searching for more evangelical interaction. Her warm smile and pleasant demeanor fared well as she shared her faith and gave away several rosaries and St. Michael medals.

Joe met several people and was happy to be back to spreading God’s Word to a thirsty culture. The time went by fast and the rosaries and medals were well received. Pope Francis reminds us that the Gospel of Luke is the Gospel of Mercy, and we are encouraged to read it in this special year of mercy. Several booklets featuring the Gospel of Luke were distributed to Catholics who stopped by.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Whether they be, as in this case, Presbyterians, Methodists, or Lutherans; or whether they be Buddhists, Atheists, or Agnostics; or whatever they are – even fellow Catholics – we are willing to share with them the Catholic faith. Why? Because this is the commission given to us by the Lord: Make disciples by baptizing them and teaching them all that the Lord has commanded (See Mt 28:16-20). Many are already baptized (Catholic or non-Catholic), or do not yet know enough to make the decision to be baptized. So we teach them. We spread God’s Word. Would you join us in this important effort?