Akron, OH. Here is a report from new evangelist Michael, about his recent experience evangelizing:

We met a family with a Dad, Mom, and two kids of about 6 & 7 years of age. We gave them miraculous medals and explained the medals to them. I asked them if they went to church. The Dad said, “No, but the kids have been asking if we could go to church.” The mom said that they wanted to take the kids to several different churches and let them choose what they like best. I asked if I could tell them about the Catholic Church. The parents said that would be great. So, I started with a version of “One Good Reason I’m A Christian” that moved into “One Good Reason I’m Catholic.” I explained how there are now many churches you can go to like the Methodist church across the lake, or the Presbyterian Church down the street or a Catholic church like St. Augustine, and I pointed to the large Lombard-Romanesque building behind me. … I offered to take the family inside to show the church since St. Augustine has perpetual adoration. They family seemed interested, but needed to move on, so we gave them a ‘Why be Catholic’ and a ‘The Good News’ pamphlet along with our contact information. The dad gave us his information. We plan to send them a personal invitation to vacation bible school, which will be starting soon.

We also had a boy of about 10 years approach us on a well-worn bike. We gave him a miraculous medal and asked him if he went to church. He said that his grandma used to take him, but she hasn’t been able to in a while. We asked if he would like us to pray for his grandma. He said, “Yes, and could you pray for my fish?” He said that he didn’t think he could take care of it very well. We assumed that he had won it at the festival where we were set up. We agreed and are adding prayer intentions to the list for the priest’s chapel for his grandmother, that she be healed of her infirmity and continue to be a positive influence in his life, and an intention for him to be able to properly care for his fish.

It occurred to us that in both cases, God put in the heart a longing to be with Him. In the words of St. Augustine, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.” Even though these children did not know much about God, they recognize a desire to seek the love of their Creator, and their Creator has sent his Holy Spirit to draw them forward.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Every person, at one or another time in their life, has a restless heart. This is because God is calling all people to Himself, by means of His Spirit; and we, as disciples of His Son Jesus Christ, are called to be instruments of this divine work. Will we answer the call? Will you answer the call? Please join us!