Lincoln, NE. Wayne, Mary, and Russ were recently down at the Farmer’s Market in the Hay Market to evangelize. Here are some of their encounters, shared by Wayne:

Russ: Encountered mostly Catholics who were supportive that we were here evangelizing. He talked to a woman from Midland, Texas about the faith and gave her a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary for her grandson. Wayne talked to the Grandfather and he accepted a St. Paul Street Evangelization pamphlet. A Catholic couple from Scottsbluff was down moving their son to an apartment. They took a rosary and how to pray pamphlet.

Wayne: Myra was a fallen away Catholic going to Berean Church. He gave her a pamphlet on Reasons to return to the Catholic Church. Her two boys were excited to receive rosaries. Wayne prayed with Myra, who had a previous miscarriage and now pregnant again – they prayed for her baby. He also met a Hebron couple in which the husband was a fallen away Catholic and wife was protestant. Wayne gave him a pamphlet on reasons to return to the Church. His son took two rosaries one for himself and his grandmother and went through the rosary pamphlet with them. Please pray for the wife’s mother who has terminal cancer. A woman with two sons from St. Theresa’s parish wanted us to pray for her husband to return to the Church. Wayne gave her Reasons to return to the Church and her sons took rosaries.

Mary: Mary met Stephanie and her young children. One of the girls wanted a rosary and the mom said dad is Catholic and could help her pray the rosary. Trevor, the dad, came up and I asked him what Church he goes to. He said Mercy Church with his wife (so he no longer practices). I gave them a how to pray the rosary pamphlet and encouraged him to pray with his daughter. Mary also met Chris who was Presbyterian and thanked us for being out there. He says he loves Catholics and has a nanny who is Catholic and takes his children to Church. I gave his daughter a miraculous medal, rosary, and how to pray rosary pamphlet. Chris suggested we should get a how to pray rosary pamphlet for children… Mary also met Connie and James – a couple from last year, who are Presbyterian. Connie left the Catholic Church because she couldn’t get an annulment. Wayne joined the conversation about James’ atheist coworkers. James asked one of his coworkers to explain why she is so sure there is no God and she couldn’t say anything. Mary also spoke with Megan Moser who is Catholic. Megan took a rosary and pamphlet on how to pray for a friend.

Prayer intentions: A safe pregnancy for Mira; Beverly who has terminal cancer; the conversion for Ryan’s dad; and the future leaders of America.

Thank you for the update, Wayne! Thank you also Russ and Mary! And … Praised be Jesus Christ!