Marietta, GA. Most of us have noticed or experienced how the special events of life like marriage, children, death in the family, etc., bring people to the point of wanting to begin to practice religion – to “get right with God.”

During an outing of the Atlanta St. Paul Street Evangelization team, evangelist and team leader Clarence encountered a young man who asked him if he could step aside with him, away from the crowd of people on the path, and pray for him. “He was interested in getting right with God,” said Clarence.

Apparently the young man was stirred in the heart. After Clarence prayed for him, he began to ask about the Catholic faith, because he was raised Protestant, and his girlfriend was Catholic. Clarence then explained the Eucharist, the unity of the one Church, and the invocation and intercession of saints. Recalling that his girlfriend’s family prays the rosary together, the young man also asked about the rosary, and Clarence explained the meaning of meditation on the twenty mysteries of the rosary.

The young man knew that he and his girlfriend would have to practice the same faith if they were to get married. To encourage him to ‘cross the Tiber,’ Clarence told him his own story of conversion to the Catholic faith. “Now, I would never leave the Catholic Church,” he witnessed. The young man seemed to agree that he should join the Catholic Church. Please pray for this young man and his girlfriend as they seek the Lord together. May she help him to be the man of God he was meant to become.

Praised be the Lord Jesus Christ! Evangelists like Clarence do a great work for God and the Church of God. Will you join him in sharing the truth with those who seek?