Owatonna, MN. Jesus Christ calls every Christian to be a servant of the poor. The Church, likewise, calls us to have a “preferential option for the poor.” Deb, a team leader, attended a Church dinner at which the local homeless and poor were invited, setting up a table with rosaries, medals, and handouts. She reported that about seventy-five people attended.

She writes, “I was able to talk to most and share either a rosary, a medal, or both. There were many people struggling with day to day life and I was able to pray with them for their needs and talk about God with most. I especially ask for prayers for Darla, who was unable to work because of a medical problem, had a son with drug problems, and was in danger of losing her apartment; for Kelly, who was angry at God over the loss of her father; and Mimo, who has been homeless. It was a blessing to be able to talk to so many about God and His love for them.”

Praised be God for the grace and mercy He pours out upon the poor in spirit. Through St. Paul Street Evangelization, may the Lord raise up many more evangelists and servants of the poor to be His hands and feet in our world.