Royal Oak, MI. The Royal Oak team met at the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Royal Oak. Evangelist Mark spoke with Paul, pictured, who considered himself “spiritual but not religious.” Paul told the team that he goes to Mass at a nearby church about once every 4 weeks. Mark reminded Paul of the importance of the Sabbath and the sacraments, and challenged him to take his faith more seriously. Paul accepted a pamphlet on confession, took our contact info, and promised to go to confession later that day.

The team also talked to Frank, a “cradle Catholic” who left the church many years ago and recently came back. Frank spoke fondly of his Catholic upbringing and remembered how his parents prayed the rosary every day, and wore the scapular. The team prayed with Frank and he gladly accepted a rosary, pamphlets, and a Miraculous Medal.

The amazing thing about evangelizing, is that we also run into people who don’t have the resources to evangelize, but are happy to do so once they find out that there are “supplies” available. Randy met a young lady who thought it was cute to see Pope Francis on a million dollar bill. Upon learning that the “Good News of Jesus Christ” was on the back, she asked if she could take some to share with friends that needed to hear the message in a colorful way. Randy told her “Take as many as you like!” She ended up taking about 50 of them, and was excited to start sharing with her friends. He then gave her a pamphlet on SPSE and told her about our member’s store. Her friend noticed that he was wearing a medal, so he told her the story about the Miraculous Medal, and afterwards she asked for a medal and chain. Randy asked her if she knew any friends that could use a miracle in their life. She nodded and asked if she could have 10 medals, chains, and prayer cards to share. Of course, he said “yes.” Randy says, “It is so wonderful to encounter people that are willing to live out the Great Commission.”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you, Randy and team Royal Oak!