Lincoln, NE. Here is a report from Wayne, of the Lincoln SPSE team []:
Seven evangelists made it out to the farmer’s market in the Hay Market: Wayne, Michael, Paul, Fr. Steele, Mary, Scott, and Sue.
Our blessed Mother Mary came through in a huge way on the feast of her Immaculate Heart. Sue, Wayne, and Scott talked with Margaret who had her grandchildren with her. She thanked us for our witness to Christ and the Church’s pro-life stance. She’s a Christian and seems open to the Catholic faith. She had gotten pregnant as a teenager and had thought about having an abortion (she was then pro-choice), but didn’t go through with it. She expressed to us how happy she is that she didn’t abort her child.
Sue gave out a number of rosaries and pamphlets throughout the day. Sue spoke with Dee, who is on dialysis. She lives near Blessed Sacrament Church and often listens in as Mass is said there. She accepted a rosary and a how to pray the rosary pamphlet.

Mike spoke with three Hispanics new to town and not practicing their Catholic Faith. He gave them some rosaries and a how to pray the rosary pamphlet. He also spoke to Dan, a Catholic who just moved to Lincoln. He hasn’t gone to mass here yet, but Mike encouraged him to go to the early mass at North American Martyrs Church the following day. Dan also wanted a rosary because he had lost his. Mike gave out a number of Divine Mercy cards, explaining what God’s mercy is. There were some ladies out handing cards out for a roller derby and they were interesting to talk to
Father Steele had some good encounters. John Roberts was a middle aged man, an Episcopalian, who respects Catholics who help the poor. But in his opinion, his church just takes money, but never gives it out. Fr. Steele talked to John and gave him a blessing. Fr. Steele said it was very rewarding to be out there, particularly praying for people right on the spot. By His divine providence, God uses our talents to reach others. We may find out in eternity the souls that had a conversion here today. Father Steele also enjoyed meeting Scott Clark whom he had anointed twenty years earlier after a bad fall off a roof.

Paul met a couple of Catholics who may be interested in joining the SPSE Apostolate so he gave them a pamphlet explaining what we do. He spoke also with a number of Lutherans who really wanted to talk about the similarities of our two religions instead of the differences.

John met Mary. Mary is a fallen away Catholic now Seventh Day Adventist and she works at St. Elizabeth’s. John encouraged her to go to the day chapel there and spend 5 minutes with Jesus for the most peaceful time. She said she would try it.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Wayne is right: “By His divine providence, God uses our talents to reach others.” Each of the seven Lincoln, NE evangelists shared their talents – shared themselves – with others just by talking with them about Jesus Christ and the faith of the Church, and distributing resources to them. By giving of themselves, and of their time, they point to the God whom all desire. We need more evangelists who will do this. Will you join us?