Lincoln, NE. Here is a report from Wayne, of the Lincoln SPSE team []:

Saturday down at the farmer’s market in the Hay Market, Lincoln. Mary and Wayne met Robert while they were setting up. Robert approached the rosary/pamphlet display board. He self-identified as a “liberal Catholic” and doesn’t go to Church here because the Lincoln diocese is too conservative. He accepted the Gospel of Luke from Wayne. Wayne explained that Pope Francis calls this the Gospel of Mercy. Wayne also told Robert not to leave the Mass because he doesn’t agree with some things. Mary gave him a pamphlet on 10 reasons to return to the Catholic Church. Robert would like us to pray for his mother who died from Alzheimer’s last October.

Mary also spoke with Anae, who was very interested in what we were doing. She took some rosaries, a divine mercy chaplet picture, and a miraculous medal. She thought it was very nice that we were out here. She wants us to pray for her special intention. I explained what I was doing out here. I’m trying to help people grow closer to Jesus and deepen their friendship with him, and understand his mercy and love for them.

Mary spoke with Leaundria. She works at a local YMCA which started our whole conversation off. She was a Certified Nursing Assistant at a Rehabilitation Center until she had an accident a couple of weeks ago. She was trying to pray with some people and they couldn’t understand her, and then she collapsed and was unconscious for 20 minutes. She needed rehabilitation so she wasn’t able to work anymore. She had exposure to the Catholic faith, but with a distorted, unloving view of God. She knows some people from North American Martyrs and she’s trying to rediscover her relationship with Christ. She likes to read, and Mary gave her the Gospel of Luke, rosary, miraculous medal, and the One True Church CD. She wants to raise money for gas to get a 2nd audition on “The Voice.” She sang Ave Maria for us, which Mike taped, and Sue also at a different time. She has an amazing voice. All of the evangelists were moved by her.

Prayer intentions: Roberto that he will leave the Masons and come back to communion with the Church. Robert, Mary, Dan, Junior, and Alex will return to the Church and Mass. Carol, Robert’s mother who died from Alzheimer’s. Mary’s 3rd son who is struggling. Leaundria that she will raise enough gas money to get to her audition. That Margaret’s children, Dorothea, Justin, and Elizabeth, may return to practicing the Christian faith.

Praised be Jesus Christ! These encounters are like many of the encounters we have. Evangelists speak with people about their concerns, and needs, and faith. They respond with simple expressions of advice, encouragement, prayer, and instruction. Most anyone can do it. As the saying goes, “It’s not rocket science.” Will you answer the call, and join us?