Royal Oak, MI. One of our new initiatives is the “Ask-a-Priest” sign, for sale in our member’s store. Having your priest out to evangelize and hear confessions is a powerful way to bring Christ to the culture, for the priest is ordained, by the laying on of hands, to represent Christ as the head and bridegroom of the Church. They are servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries/sacraments of God. People instinctively recognize this. We find that they appreciate seeing priests out in public, and are ready to turn to them for confession, consolation, and counsel. Here is a report from Father Patrick:

On a sunny Saturday morning, I was blessed to hit the streets of downtown Royal Oak with a handful of joyful St. Paul Street Evangelization members. We set up some chairs and a sign indicating that people could receive a blessing, confession or simply talk to a priest if they would like too.

In a matter of about a half hour I noticed that there seemed to be an undeniable joy and goodness bubbling up and breaking in around the area where I was talking to people. It seemed like we were gaining a “Holy Momentum;” and as I reflect on it, it was the Holy Spirit, I’m convinced, bringing joy and love to the streets of Royal Oak through joyful evangelists. I LOVE the approach SPSE evangelists use. It’s totally non-confrontational and filled with joy. We have the best thing in the word to offer: faith in Jesus Christ.

I felt so blessed to hear the confessions of folks who had not been to confession in many decades. I spoke with a Muslim man for a while. I was asked to bless dogs, which in turn led to blessing the people walking them! Watching people stop and read the sign (when I was unable to directly interact with them due to busyness) and seeing their response was wonderful. They seemed to be generally surprised. Several people came up simply to say “thanks for being out here!” As I reflected on the time spent on the streets later, I simply sensed that the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was overflowing and that God still so loves the world, that Jesus continues to pour out His love powerfully through the Holy Spirit to a hurting and wounded world … just waiting to win one soul at a time for His kingdom of peace, love, joy and Holiness.

Praised be Jesus Christ! As we continue to bring the Good News to the people of our time, we ask for your prayers. Please pray for Father Patrick and all of our evangelists around the country and the world. And if you feel the Holy Spirit tugging at your heart, please answer the call and join our efforts! May the Lord bless you and yours!