South Windsor, CT. In the picture we see Ken and Donna, of the South Windsor, Connecticut SPSE team. Here is a report from Donna:

The South Windsor team is up and running again. This past Saturday we were at the Strawberry festival. It’s a craft fair in the town of South Windsor that draws a lot of people. We talked to many people in the morning but had to leave in the afternoon due to thunderstorms.

We were at the festival last year and talked to a young adult named Stuart. He was working at the fair with his family, and grew up Protestant but was very curious about the Catholic faith. We gave him a lot of literature, medals etc. This time around he came over to our tent and said “I remember you guys from last year … I’m now in the RCIA program.” He asked for more materials on the faith because he is going to do a debate on the Catholic vs. Protestant faith. I gave him a CD of Scott Hahn’s “Theologian to Catholicism” and a pamphlet called “Salvation by Faith Alone?”

We also talked to a woman named Debbie who identifies as Buddhist. She explained what her religion is all about. I found some common ground with her, told her that I am a 3rd order Franciscan, and explained some similarities we had: living a simple life, loving others, and not taking pleasure in material goods, not being carried along by the culture that we live in. Ken added that we need Jesus Christ for salvation. I gave her my business card if she had any more questions (I’m a marriage and family therapist, starting my private practice in Christian counseling) and some literature on the faith.

We also talked to a woman named Bonnie who stopped by the tent and talked about looking for a faith that centered on women. She was talking about a religion that centered on “Sophia.” I had never heard of this but listened to her. I explained how the Catholic faith honors and prays to Mary, but we don’t worship her; worship is due to God alone. I gave her a rosary and some literature on the faith.

There were psychic readings and tarot card readings at the fair. I went over to the tent and the woman asked if I wanted a reading. I said “no” and asked her how she got into that line of work. She said her and her family have spiritual gifts since they were kids. I told her that I also have spiritual gifts but I didn’t go into detail about that. I asked her if she knows about good vs. evil in the world. She said she knows very well about good and evil, and said she is Christian. I told her about our tent and the Catholic faith. She was willing to accept my business card.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you, Donna and Ken, for your dedication to the apostolate of street evangelization! Please pray for the success of the South Windsor team, for Stuart as he continues his journey into the Church, and also for Debbie, Bonnie, and for the woman at the psychic readings tent. Pray for us all; and join us!