Farmington Hills, MI. Teens from all over the Detroit and surrounding areas came to hear talks and attend Mass & Confession on a recent weekend for the Teen Pro-Life Conference. Here, in the picture, we see some St Paul Street Evangelization members fooling around – offering a rosary and pamphlet to a cardboard cutout of Pope Francis.

SPSE evangelists got to talk to the teens. They asked them: “How can we change the culture of death into a culture of life? How can we stop abortion?” Many answered, “By coming to these conferences,” etc.

The team then asked, “Don’t you think if people encountered Christ and got to know him, that it would change their hearts and minds to understand that abortion is wrong?” They said “yes!”

The next question was, “How can we do that?” … No answer. So they told them: “The only way to do it is by sharing the faith!”

“Do you know the Gospel message?” Many did not know how to answer. So the evangelists provided them with the Gospel card, and many teens walked away confident in wanting to share the faith!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Young people bring a great enthusiasm to evangelization. It is important to teach our kids the importance of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people they meet, and with friends and family. Will you join us in our efforts?