Lansing, MI. Here is a short, recent report from Tom, of the Lansing SPSE team. They set up and evangelized at Adado park:

Last week, we distributed rosaries, crucifixes, and literature. We met Pamela, who is interested in the Church because her father is Catholic, while her stepfather is Protestant. She’s been to Mass once and was a bit startled by how strange it seemed. She’s also intrigued by the Sacrament of Confession. We told her we’d find an inquiry course or other introduction to the Catholic faith. She was happy to receive Patrick Madrid’s booklet “Where Is That in the Bible.”

Jessica is a young woman who is eager to study Scripture. We referred her to a Bible study that focuses on the Sunday readings.
Ricardo works as a dishwasher in an Okemos restaurant but is homeless. He gave up on his faith when God didn’t seem to answer his prayers in times of difficulty. He agreed to attend Mass with one of our evangelists.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please pray for Pamela, Jessica, Ricardo, and all those encountered by our evangelists. Everyone has a story, and when SPSE evangelists encounter people, they enter into that story, even if only very briefly. Our goal is to be a contributing part of many stories leading to eternal life. Would you like to help us work towards this goal? Join us!