Plymouth, MI. Maisa sends us this inspiring report from Michigan:

Evangelization in Downtown Plymouth at the Friday night concert series at the park! We had almost twelve men show up from the Men’s prayer breakfast group from Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth to “put out into the deep to let down their nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4). It is the first time for all these men who just got done reading Steve Dawson’s book “Catholic Street Evangelization.” They were eager to come out to share the faith with others on the streets!!

We had several encounters with people of various faiths. Steve (not Dawson) had a conversation with a man named Ben who took a rosary, and shared that his wife had committed suicide a couple months prior. He was searching for community and friendship. So Steve told him about the men’s prayer breakfast that they have on Wednesday’s. So he left, thanking him and saying that he would see him the following Wednesday.

Maisa, one of our regular evangelists, had several conversations. The first one was a woman named Sharon. She accepted the rosary, and while talking with Maisa noted that her parents were Catholic but she was not. When Maisa asked Sharon if she practiced any religious faith, she quickly responded with, “I believe in God.” Continuing the conversation, Maisa asked her, “Have you been baptized?” Sharon responded, “No. My parents never had the chance to baptize me because they were called to [military] duty.” So Maisa told her about the importance of baptism, and gave her a brochure on baptism, telling her how much God wants to give her His divine life through holy baptism! Sharon was excited about the idea of the life of God dwelling inside of her, and having her sins washed away in the Sacrament of Baptism. So she took other brochures on the faith and gave Maisa a big hug and thanked her.

Maisa also had a conversation with a woman who was a non-Catholic Christian. After talking with her for a bit Maisa asked if she had ever considered the Catholic Church. She responded with a “No, not really.” So Maisa gave her a couple of good reasons why she chooses to be a Catholic: Because Jesus established the Catholic Church, and because of the Body and Blood of Jesus is in the Holy Eucharist!! Jesus is truly, really, and substantially present in what appears to bread and wine, but is not because it has been changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The woman was genuinely surprised and very open to receiving more information about the Catholic Faith.

The team then saw Earl, who is a homeless man that usually stops by during their Thursday evangelization outings. He was excited to see the team there on a Friday night. When Maisa asked him “Do you still have the rosary we gave you?” he responded, “Yes, and I pray it every day!” Praise the Lord!!
Then Maisa met a Catholic family who was new to the area, and the husband did not have a job yet. She asked him “Is there anything we can pray about for you?” He said, “Yes, please: That we find good friends, and a job!” So Maisa joined hands with them and prayed with them for God to bless them with friends, Catholic community, and a good job. They were very grateful and she told them about the Catholic Church up the street. They took her number, and wanted to keep in touch.

We had many conversations that evening with many people from all walks of life. What a great blessing it was to be there!!

Praised be Jesus Christ! The joyful proclamation of the Gospel bears much fruit for the Kingdom of God. By the working of the Holy Spirit, God is now preparing people in your town to receive and accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Please check out our website and join our efforts to bring the full Christian faith and practice to these people. This is the mission of the Church. This is our mission.