Wayne, Saturday, June 11th
Lincoln, NE. Here is a recent report from Wayne, of the Lincoln team.

The Lincoln Farmer’s Market was HOT. But it was a beautiful day. The evangelists spreading God’s Word there were Bill, Bob, and Joe.

Bill had a pleasant conversation with a retired Baptist minister and his wife. They discussed the scene at the foot of the cross where Jesus gave his mother to the church, saying, “Behold your mother.” After discussing the passage, the couple now supports some Catholic teaching on Mary. Bill also met a young Greek Orthodox man who was happy to receive a miraculous metal and a rosary. He has visited the Catholic Newman Center and enjoys their worship and fellowship. Many metals and rosaries were also given to family and friends throughout the morning.

Joe met Ike, a young college student from Kansas who was back home for the summer. He went to high school at St. Pius H.S. and was happy to accept a rosary. He had not yet visited the St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center on the UNL campus and was encouraged to check out this new, beautiful, and holy house of God. Nellie and Pat stopped by and discussed their favorable impression of the Catholic Church. They liked the fact that the church is consistent in its beliefs and stands up for what is right, and, most importantly, that Jesus himself founded the Catholic Church. They currently belong to the Nazarene Church, however. Neither have ever been Catholic, but they are interested in learning more about the church; both have been through a divorce, and they thought that would disqualify them from becoming Catholics. They were encouraged to contact a priest. Soon after, several children were excited to get a rosary, and their parents were encouraged to help them pray the rosary.

Bob met Rich, a Lutheran, with his wife and daughter. Rich accepted a miraculous medal from Bob because he thought it was a St. Christopher medal. His mother always had one on the visor in her car. Rich’s wife has a brother who is a priest, and a brother and sister who are homosexual, so this makes some family gatherings tense. Rich was happy to discuss the pamphlet on the history of the Bible.

May God inspire and bless the St. Paul Street Evangelists … both current and future!

Prayer Request: Please take all of these people to prayer in your holy hour. Please take the St. Paul Street Evangelists to prayer also; we need more involvement to cover the market better.

Praised be Jesus Christ! … Now is the time to get out and join one of our teams. If there is no team near you, then no problem – you can start a team of your own! Get involved in one of the easiest ways to fulfil your call to evangelize. Share the faith at festivals and street corners! Join us!