Frederick, MD. Here is a report from team leader, Stephanie:
God truly blessed our new SPSE Frederick team! We began on a particularly chilly day in Frederick which caused a slower than usual amount of foot traffic. But, we were able to have a number of inspiring conversations with people.

I am always struck by the fact that a 2-minute conversation can change someone’s life. We are only called to plant those seeds of love and truth and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit to do what He wills.

We had people asking for prayers for addictions, grappling with the existence of God and suffering in the world, wanting to learn to pray the Rosary, and young people confused as to direction in life. We met a homeless man, Bill, who had an opportunity to be heard and prayed with. We also met a young family who had not been attending Church but were encouraged to come back to the sacraments and have their children baptized!

A shout out to our prayer partners in this endeavor! We had numerous people praying for us during our outing. We are so grateful for the prayers and sacrifices that were offered!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you, Stephanie, and team Frederick, for your faithfulness! Are you interested in getting involved? Please check out our website, at