Smyrna, GA. A report from David:

Clarence B., team leader in Smyrna, invited the Snellville team to help him set up at his home parish (St. Thomas the Apostle) during their annual Spring-fest. The Smyrna team has just marked its first full year of spreading the Catholic faith in the northwest metro Atlanta area. In that short time, a few fellow parishioners have joined Clarence and become faithful evangelists as well. We often evangelize at our neighboring parishes during their seasonal celebrations to reach out to our fellow Catholics and try to edify and deepen their faith if we can. We also find this approach most helpful in encouraging those we meet at these events to join in the New Evangelization. For some, seeing us so willing to express our love for Jesus and His church helps them see themselves doing the same.

I am grateful to have Alex B. with me again and for him to continue his discovery of St. Paul Street Evangelization and what this apostolate is capable of. We gave out many Rosaries, medals of all kinds along with prayer cards, CDs, and literature.
Thanks to Clarence and his home parish of St. Thomas the Apostle for having us. Thanks to Alex B. for his time and dedication, and above all … Thanks be to God for a beautiful day to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. PAX from Atlanta.

Praised be Jesus Christ! A big part of our evangelization efforts is the β€œNew Evangelization.” This is evangelization of those who are already baptized, but may not have become an intentional disciple of Christ. They may be more culturally Catholic than committed Catholic. Will you join us in this effort?