Marietta, GA. Evangelizing Catholics meet a variety of people. Some simply walk past, not wanting to be bothered, but then there are others who will come right up and ask a question about the Catholic Church. Often it’s something they don’t understand or have been wondering about for a long time, and when they see the unusual sight of an evangelizing Catholic, they seize on the opportunity to ask their question.

This happened recently in Marietta Georgia. A man came over and asked, “Hello brother, can you tell me where the word “purgatory” is in the Bible?”. Clarence, one of the SPSE evangelizers, replied that the word “purgatory” is not actually in the Bible. However, there are several verses in the Bible that support Catholic teaching on purgatory. “Yeah, I know,” said the man. “That’s the problem I have with the teaching.”

“Really? Do you believe in the Trinity?” Clarence asked. “You won’t find that word in the Bible either.”

The man was given several Biblical references to purgatory found in SPSE’s scriptural reference guide.

Praised be Jesus Christ! People often focus on one particular issue with the Catholic Church as their reason for rejecting the faith. Many of the people we will meet while evangelizing come from a “sola scriptura” faith background. Everything that they believe must be found in the Bible. When we can answer their questions through the use of the Bible, we are all the more able to build them up in the truth.