Bloomington, IN. When Jesus went around Galilee, Judea, and the surrounding areas proclaiming the coming of God’s kingdom in himself, his words were accompanied with miraculous deeds which, for many of his hearers, served to confirm his divine origins. Miraculous deeds were carried out by the apostles and other disciples of Christ in the early Church as well. Throughout the history of the Church, and even in our times, these signs and wonders have still been present.

On a recent outing at Indiana University, new evangelist Alec, pictured here, shared the perhaps most well-documented public miracle in modern times. Alec was visiting the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate for a vocational discernment retreat when he joined Steve and Friar Roderick of our Bloomington, Indiana team. Miracles fascinate people, even – or especially – the most scientifically minded; so discussing miraculous signs of recent times is more effective than one might think. Alec and Steve met an agnostic and discussed with him the “miracle of the sun” of October 13th, 1917, in Fatima, Portugal. This great sign in the sky was predicted by child visionaries who had been receiving prophetic messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary, and was seen by tens of thousands of people. It gave the agnostic a lot to think about. Overall, it was a great day with lots of good conversations.

Praised be Jesus Christ! SPSE’s online members store has audio CDs on the miracle at Fatima available, as well as pamphlets on the same, in both the online public and members stores. Please join us and share the faith! And pray that God will pour out more signs and wonders in the midst of His people, to bring to faith many people in this skeptical age.