Marietta, GA. Among the many people we met during our evangelizing with SPSE were a young mother and her son. We learned that she is Greek Orthodox, but she accepted the rosary and pamphlets that we gave her. We spent about twenty minutes with her, discussing the similarities and differences between her Orthodox faith and our own Catholic faith. She was very nice, and she seemed genuinely interested in knowing more about Catholicism.

Praised by Jesus Christ! What a wonderful opportunity for both the Catholics and Orthodox to learn a bit more about each other, for we share a Christian history that goes back to 33 A.D. Many of the Early Church Fathers came from the East and are honored in both the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. Ours is a universal faith with two great heritages, the East and the West. The Schism that split us 1000 years ago does not negate all that we have in common with each other.