Lincoln, NE. Wayne reports that he, along with Bob, Brad, and Tom, spent a recent Saturday at a farmer’s market. They had great success handing out rosaries, medals, and pamphlets, seemingly even more material than usual. However, although people seemed to appreciate the things they were being offered, no one seemed to have any questions about the Church nor were they particularly interested in any lengthy discussions.

Among the people they chatted with briefly was Anne, who is not currently attending any church. She received a number of items, including a rosary and some pamphlets. Four members of another family took a number of items, including ‘Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth,’ rosaries and Miraculous Medals. One gentleman who identified himself as a “recovering” Catholic also took ‘Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth.’

As Wayne reports, “One woman approached me, offering me a pamphlet for an upcoming ‘Bible Convention.’ I thanked her for the offer and accepted the pamphlet; however, when I offered some pamphlets from our table, she said that she wasn’t interested in anything I had to offer. I then I told her that it was only fair that she accept something from me since I was willing to take her pamphlet. She couldn’t argue with my logic; I gave her the ‘How We Got the Bible’ pamphlet.”

“When I later looked at the pamphlet she gave me about the Bible Convention, I realize that was for a Jehovah’s Witness convention. If I had known earlier, I would have given her a ‘Pillar of Fire CD.’”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Most of the time we never know what happens to the seeds we plant when we evangelize. Some of seeds will grow and thrive, and yet others will fall on rocky soil. We simply don’t know where someone is on their spiritual journey when we meet them and what effect our encounter will have on their lives. Occasionally, God will let us actually see the fruit of our evangelization. Those are moments of grace that encourage us and lift our spirits. It’s possible that the ‘How We Got the Bible’ pamphlet was tossed in the trash and forgotten. On the other hand, it could be tucked in a drawer and discovered years from now by someone who is searching for Truth. Only God knows.