Royal Oak, MI. Beth reported that they were blessed to have Father Patrick join their street evangelization team. Father Patrick blessed the people he met, answered questions about the Catholic faith, heard confessions, and had a great time visiting with everyone he met. His joyful spirit led to lots of great conversations.
One of the fallen-away Catholics they met that dayhad been a Buddhist for a few years. As she explained to the SPSE team, “I liked the idea of reincarnation because you get another chance if you mess things up.” However, as the team explained to her, the Catholic Church has something WAY better than reincarnation, we have GOD’S MERCY!! We don’t need to keep trying to get it right, one life, one body, after another. Jesus has already paid the price. We simply need to run to the loving arms of our Father and ask his forgiveness.

Praised be Jesus Christ! As a fallen-away Catholic, she was just one confession away from God’s mercy. She was blessed to have had Father Patrick there that day to hear her confession. Most fallen-away Catholics might realize that they can return to the Church through confession, but finding the courage to actually seek out a priest to confess their sins can seem somewhat daunting. That’s why having “curbside confessions” is such a great method of outreach! Why don’t you join our efforts, bring your priest, and set up one of these yourself?