Gaithersburg, MD. Here is a great post from one of our Urban Missionaries, Joanne:

Meet Tobias. He is not our youngest evangelist, but he sure comes close, being only four years old. Certainly one of the cutest, he may also be among our best! But can kids spread the Gospel with us on the streets? SPSE actually doesn’t encourage it because we all know it can be hard (sometimesimpossible) to have a conversation and watch the kids at the same time. Also, it could be dangerous as we are sometimes close to the road. However, because all children come with different temperaments and each family has its own dynamic, we have had some exceptions to the rule. In two cases we have had whole families join us on the streets AND do an amazing job in sharing the Good News.

The most recent family event was this past month when a family of eight joined us. The children accompanied their parents and eagerly sought “jobs” to do. You already know about 4-year old Tobias who whipped out our Million dollar bill tracts & Good News Pamphlets, but we also had Aleydis, (15 months) who spread joy just by being there, Beatrice, who charmingly gave stickers to passing children, Nadia, Genevieve, and Sebastian, who did perfect jobs of handing out Rosaries and Miraculous Medals with enthusiasm and engaged people in conversation.

I saw some rather beautiful expressions on the faces of those who were approached by the children and others actually encouraged the kids to approach them so they could obtain the items. Some people watched the scene with expressions of wonder and longing. I think there is something very compelling about seeing an entire family with six children among many other loving Catholic adults sharing the Good News. Christians will be known by their love.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Who knew that street evangelization could be a family affair? I guess it’s not all that surprising, for “the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Lk 18:16). Join us!