Albuquerque NM. Saint Paul Street Evangelization works together with many Legion of Mary groups. Here is a report from the SPSE team of the Legion of Mary, Our Lady of Victory Praesidium in Albuquerque, sent to us by the team leader, Paul:

In the picture is husband and wife Rudy and Helen. Helen is the president of The Our Lady of Victory praesidium. We are on Central Avenue across from the UNM entrance. The man who they are talking to was a one-time Baptist preacher and pastor. He was overwhelmed to see Catholics evangelizing on the street. He was very nice and took some literature with him. We were not blessed by large crowds this day, but we all left filled with joy. Other evangelists Josie and Johnny were really into talking with people by the time we left. Many today were Catholics who were moved to return home to the church. One man said he had been thinking about going back to Church after 20 years away. He said to us: “Yesterday I was thinking about returning to the Church, and here you are! Now that’s not just a coincidence, is it?” He thanked us, and we gave him the address of the closest Catholic Church.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Many successes we have out on the streets seem to be a matter of just being at the right place at the right time. “Not just a coincidence” – or as some people call them, “Divine appointments.” Join us, and be on time for your “Divine appointment”!