Maris sends this report from the Omaha, Nebraska, SPSE team, telling about their successful evangelization efforts on the 4th of July holiday weekend. Eight team members came out to evangelize that Saturday. Because of their numbers, they were able to spread out, going to several street corners in the Old Market area in Omaha. Maris wrote,

We gave out so many rosaries that we lost count. Whenever we evangelize, we always encounter Catholics, and when we do, we give them cards with the information about KVSS, which is our great Catholic radio station in Omaha. It covers most of the state, even reaching into Iowa and South Dakota. Some Catholics are aware of Catholic radio, but many are not.

Because the Olympic swim trials were finishing up in Omaha at that time, we met people from Texas, Connecticut, & other states who were in Omaha for that event. We also met faithful Catholics who were very interested in what we were doing. We gave them SPSE brochures and encouraged them to learn more–to find out if there is a team in their area or even consider starting one in their church. As always, our SPSE team found the day to be both inspiring and joyful!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Evangelization is supposed to be an inspiring and joyful experience; after all, we are sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! What could be more inspiring than that!? Passersby are much more likely to stop and say hello when they see the friendly faces of Catholics who are on-fire for their faith and eager to share it. Will you consider joining our efforts?