Atlanta, GA. A report from David, of team Atlanta:

Miss Emily wore a genuine smile on her face the entire time Alex B. and I spoke with her. She was full of Easter light as she shared with us her recent baptism and reception into the local Baptist church at Easter, and we congratulated her.

As we entered a conversation about how baptism is a sacrament in the Catholic Church, she mentioned that she had been baptized before as a child in the Episcopalian assembly.

Miss Emily did understand that her recent Baptism was only symbolic by the tenant of her new-found Baptist faith, but she was happy all the same. Alex and I shared with Emily that real power and grace comes in Baptism because it is a Sacrament instituted by Christ and bestowed by Christ’s Church. It is not just an “outward sign” of faith, but is a supernatural reality of becoming an adopted child of God and entering the Church. Original sin is washed away, a death of self has occurred, and resurrection with Christ has been accomplished.

We then offered her a rosary, which she accepted. We explained that the rosary is a centuries old prayer that meditates on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and through a continued practice of prayer in its mysteries, one can come to our Lord more intimately. Miss Emily left us with a rosary, a miraculous medal, and the tracts “Why be Catholic” and “Common Objections.” And of course, “How to Pray the Rosary.”

This encounter was at the very end of our time there that day. All had been packed up and as we were driving away we saw Miss Emily sitting on a sidewalk bench with rosary in hand while reading the tracts she had just gotten. Pray for her!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Pray for Miss Emily and for all of the people that our evangelists meet on the streets! Oh, yeah – Join us too!