Here is a report from Ed, coordinator of the Sierra Vista, Arizona SPSE team:

In April, my pastor Father Greg asked me to get a booth for the upcoming West End Fair. So I did.

We had a fantastic booth. I had ordered all the new colored pamphlets and many medals, and we had many Rosaries – but we ordered a few more, just in case. I had a lot of help that day: Thad, Lydia, Anita, Carol, Steve, Jerry, Father Rob, and Sisters JoEllen and Doris all helped evangelize that day.

I got to speak with at least 10 fallen away Catholics – and two told me, “I am thinking of coming back to the Church – what do I need to do?” I told them that if they had all their Sacraments, all they needed was a good Confession – and I gave them the Confession pamphlet as well as the “Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church” pamphlet. They warmly thanked me.

I also spoke with some Mormons and informed them that I had lived with Mormons in college and had read the Book of Mormon, the Doctrines and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. They were happy that I had read them. We had a chance to speak about β€œthe great apostasy.” I told them that I had heard the story about the glass table top that broke after the last Apostle died (John) and how Joseph Smith put it back together; but I asked them, β€œWhat did Jesus really mean when he said β€˜The gates of hell shall not prevail against my church,’ β€˜I will be with you always, even to the end of the age,’ β€˜I will not leave you orphans,’ and β€˜I will leave you the Paraclete to guide you in all truth.’

They did not know how to respond.

Overall, it was a great day; we handed out over 240 Rosaries, 350 pamphlets, 120 Miraculous Medals and Our Lady of Guadalupe medals, and about 25 CDs.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Ed is a longtime, dedicated evangelist with SPSE. In fact, his story is featured in our book, β€œCatholic Street Evangelization: Stories of Conversion and Witness.” Check out our store to buy a copy, and join us!

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