Lincoln, NE. We live for moments like these. When the fruits of our efforts come back to us, it encourages us to continue on doing what we’re doing, even when the fruits are not visible to us. How can it get any better than running into someone you have evangelized, who tells you with joy that their life has been changed by your encounter? This happened recently with the Lincoln, Nebraska team. Wayne reports:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I think the Holy Spirit can claim another “save” through the ministry of SPSE Lincoln. Alvaro stopped by. I had not seen Alvaro since last year. It immediately struck me that he had a very large smile on his face when he said, “do you remember me?” I did remember Alvaro. It was a year ago when a very downtrodden man approached our display, looking for a rosary. He had been away from the Church for quite some time and had a lot of family struggles. I recall giving him a rosary and a Spanish language pamphlet on the rosary, then talking to him about prayer and confession. It was evident that life was weighing him down significantly. After I told Alvaro that I did remember him, I asked him how he was doing. “You have changed my life”, was his reply, then he caught himself and said, “Jesus has changed my life”. He was absolutely full of joy and it was contagious. We chatted about his family for a bit and although his wife continues to need our prayers, he said his children were all doing very well. As we parted ways, he turned back and said, “I go to confession a lot now”. Keep Alvaro and his family in your prayers that he may persevere to the end.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thanks to all of you who pray for our apostolate, and for all who participate with our teams. If you have never done street evangelization with SPSE, join or start a team! The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. Who knows? You may get the great gift of seeing the fruits of your harvest.