Snellville, GA. Pablo and Don came to Snellville to evangelize at the newly designed and renovated Towne Green during the weekly farmers market. They are team members from Prince of Peace parish. They handed out dozens of rosaries and tracts on how to pray the rosary.

This was a bit of a testing ground for the location to see if it offered the environment and foot traffic thatlends itself to street evangelization. It worked out! The new wide sidewalks and surrounding areas were welcoming and they were able to introduce the Catholic faith to passersby.

They hope to make this one of our usual spots for evangelization.

Praised be Jesus Christ! This Georgia team has extended its reach to a new location with new people to meet and share the Good News with. We need you to do the same for your local area! Join a team, start a team, get your parish involved! Woe to us if we do not share the Gospel! Jesus is with us for this very work. Let’s get started once again!