Gaithersburg, MD. We are in the process of developing a series of small group meetings for helping bring seekers closer to entrance into the Church. While doing street evangelization, we can invite people to join us at a regular, weekly small group meeting. Joanne, from Gaithersburg, MD, is helping us pilot the program. She recently wrote us about her experience inviting people to the small group, and the power of prayer:

The purpose of my evangelization on this afternoon was to invite more people to join our small group. I discovered that it really is true that if you just ask Jesus to send to you the people He wants you to talk with, it will happen. All we have to do is set up our St. Paul Street Evangelization table and be present. In only an hour and a half, I had five very important conversations, and each person said that they really wanted to come to our small group. They gave me their phone numbers so that I can text them a reminder. Seen in the photo is Kingsley, a bus driver. Please pray for him!

Praised be Jesus Christ! No matter how skilled we might think we are at evangelizing, the fruits that come from it are in the hands of God. Before you begin each evangelization outing, it’s a great idea to, like Joanne, ask Jesus to send you those whom HE wants you to meet. Then ask the Holy Spirit to help you to talk with them, to answer their questions and concerns. Just trust in God. Seeds are being planted. You’re not on your own out there – you have the Holy Trinity at your side!