Scituate, MA. Mother Teresa famously said that we are “not called to be successful, but faithful.” This truth should be held in mind by anyone wishing to obey the Lord’s command to share the gospel. There will be good fruits coming from your efforts, but there will not always be fruits, nor will the fruit always be visible. The important thing is to be faithful – to do the work without becoming weary or discouraged. Here is a recent update from Bill, from the Scituate, Massachusetts team:

We were not able to get out Friday evening, and were delayed a bit by thunder storms today. However, we did set up for about an hour and a half this evening. We received nice affirmation from fellow parishioners as they passed by. They were happy to see SPSE in town.

I spent a few minutes talking with a young man named Shawn. He was wearing a polo shirt from the local sports bar, where three of my sons have worked in recent summers. I was able to start a conversation with Shawn. He accepted a rosary and rosary pamphlet. He was on his way to work so he was short on time. I also gave him a business card and told him to feel free to get in touch if he had any questions. When I got home my son Will told me Shawn is one of the bouncers.

There were snide comments from a couple of guys, but they were not interested in elaborating! I did try to engage them. All in all getting out there has been a bit uncomfortable, but still a very encouraging experience. My friend Len is interested in becoming a leader. We’re going to keep going.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Most, if not all, of our teams have experiences like this from time-to-time. Discipleship is not always easy! See the martyrs for proof!
But street evangelization is not, at this time, leading to martyrdom. Join us and share with us the encouragement, and the discomfort!