This recent report is from Deb, our Owatonna, Minnesota Regional Missionary.

Kathy and Annie, two newly trained evangelists, set up a stand at the end of the St. Theodore’s church property during the local parade. We had a wonderful time. We got there about an hour before the start of the parade and talked to people as they walked by. While we didn’t have a lot of time with people, we talked with parade-goers and gave away brochures, rosaries, medals, and holy cards to over 100 people. We had a basket for prayer requests to take back to the church in addition to praying with people on the street. We had many people stop and talk to us and then came back with friends and family to get a medal or rosary. One woman that we talked to wanted us to pray for her husband who is a police officer. We prayed with her and then also put in a prayer request in the basket for the church community to pray for her husband and all the officers in the city. One man that we talked to asked for prayers for his mother-in-law who just passed away. One young man on a skateboard didn’t want to talk to us; he said he was an atheist, and we weren’t able to draw him in close enough for a conversation, but I think he was intrigued. He skated by several times and slowed down – but wouldn’t get quite close enough for a conversation. Next time we see him, I think we would have a chance.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Perhaps, next time, if Deb has someone tackle and hold down the young man on the skateboard, then they’ll get a chance to talk to him! (Just kidding!)

Even better, perhaps you might join Deb in her work of evangelization. Perhaps you will be just the right person to talk to the young man on the skateboard, or another like him. Perhaps God is calling you to evangelize, tugging at your heart, and you have not yet heeded His voice. Contact us to join a team or start one of your own! We need your hands and feet, and your gifts and talents.