Wyandotte, MI – The Lincoln Park Team and Detroit Parish Festival Evangelization Team recently met at Our Lady of the Scapular’s annual festival. They handed out hundreds of rosaries and shared the faith with thousands over the course of the weekend.

Evangelist Mark had a long conversation with Heather and her two young sons. Heather’s father was a long-time parishioner and died two years ago; she came to the festival because he used to come every year. Heather was raised Catholic but rarely goes to Mass and occasionally goes to different, non-denominational churches. Mark gave her the “Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church” pamphlet, and his “one good reason”: that the Catholic Church is the only church established by Christ while others were established by a man more than 1,500 years later.
Heather accepted rosaries for herself and her sons, as well as pamphlets on how to pray it, and a quick description of the prayer. She continued to look at some of the materials on the team’s table, particularly the medals. Mark pointed out the Miraculous Medal and told Heather about the graces and miracles associated with it, including the fact that the body of St. Catherine Labouré is incorrupt more than 100 years after her death. Heather looked in amazement and asked if she could take several of them to give to her family.
Mark also pointed out a medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe and told her about the miracle of the roses, the image on Juan Diego’s tilma, and how the tilma is so well-preserved after nearly 500 years. Heather stepped aside for a few moments but soon came back asking for more rosaries. Please pray for Heather, that she will come back to the Church, and grow in intimate fellowship with Christ.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Many of those we evangelize are lapsed Catholics. These are our brothers and sisters; we should not let them wander away from the family! Like the good shepherd, we must seek out the lost sheep and return them to the flock. To do this, we need your help! Please join our efforts by joining a team, starting a team, praying, or donating.