Flint, MI. “And having summoned His twelve disciples, He gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness” (Mt 10:1). We often think of healings taking place in biblical times, but not today. We also think, “God could never do that for me, or through me.” Nothing could be farther from the truth! Healings happen today by the Holy Name of Jesus, and it is through faith in Him that we as lay disciples are able to act in His Name, to carry out His work. Do not underestimate what miracles faith in the Holy Name can work!



The following report comes from John Nguyen, a brother with the newly formed St. Paul Society of Evangelists:

“On Wednesday we set out again the same as on Tuesday, but even more medals and Rosaries were given, more students were approaching strangers boldly in the name of Jesus, more powerful encounters with Jesus were occurring – including people being miraculously healed of their pain and suffering, and more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached. Converted hearts agreed to repent, seek Jesus, return to Mass, or consider the Catholic Church. On Thursday, the power of the Gospel reached even more souls and the miraculous outnumbered the previous days.

One lady needed prayer for her alcoholism and family. After praying for God’s help, she received prayer for pain in her knee due to a torn ACL and meniscus. The pain completely disappeared as she walked around to test it. Astonishment and joy was mixed with tears as she affirmed that Jesus had healed her. She was confident in Jesus love for her and that he would help her with her alcoholism and family. She happily received a medal, a Rosary, and a pamphlet on how to pray it as she rushed to her court appointment.

Alvin (pictured) had pain in his left shoulder and the pain was completely healed. He gave thanks to Jesus and received the sacramentals and information with joy.

Kevin was the most animated person of the week at the SPSE table. After sharing with him about his life and our mission we asked him if he needed prayer. We prayed for his intentions then asked if he needed physical healing as well. He suffered from much pain, the worst in his back, then legs, then “every other place as well.” After a brief prayer all the pain in his back and body was healed. He was so amazed he thought we had done something to him, but we assured him it was Jesus. Still in shock, he gave praise and thanks to God and left with a life-changing encounter with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the courage and prayers of 15 high school students and their young adult leaders, over the course of 3 days, nearly 1500 Miraculous Medals were handed out (we ran out at the table and found more in our car’s stash), not including hundreds of Rosaries, pamphlets, cards, and sacramentals.

The students didn’t want to stop evangelizing. They wanted to stay on the street longer. They were thirsting to save souls and didn’t want the week to end. At base camp more testimonies were shared with the students and staff who didn’t get to go with us. A sign-up list was compiled for those who were interested in evangelizing with us after camp. The brothers and SPEI staff are praying and planning how best to foster God’s plans for these hungry souls. Thank you Jesus!”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Does this seem too out there, too crazy to be true? Our Lord said to Thomas, “Do not be unbelieving, but BELIEVING!” (Jn 20:27). It is an exciting time to be Catholic, and the Holy Spirit is working through His faithful. Do you want to be a part? Pray, listen, and follow; you will not be disappointed!