San Pedro Island, Belize. When the Lord said, “Go make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19), he really meant all nations! For that reason Saint Paul Street Evangelization is an international apostolate, with over 300 chapters throughout the world. The mission to evangelize is not reserved for a select few–the charge is given to all the baptized. And not just in our own country, but to the ends of the earth, wherever God leads one.


Recently three members of the Saint Paul Evangelization Institute headed to Belize in Central America to lead practical evangelization training to the local community who had a burning desire to spread the Gospel.

This story is from evangelist Brian, reporting from San Pedro Island, Belize:

“The experience of leading both the Basic Evangelization Training (BET) and the street evangelization training was powerful. There is a strong community of disciples in San Pedro. During the day roughly 15 people came to our BET and evening street evangelization training. I asked everyone to share what brought them there that day or that evening and almost all of them said they wanted to learn how to share their faith. They wanted to learn how to evangelize. We went over the basics of evangelization, the SPSE method of street evangelization, and how to pray with others.

We started the next morning with Mass and right afterwards invited those who participated in the training to hit the streets with us. Street evangelization was a hit! We set up outside a Catholic school and not a single person said no to receiving a rosary or medal. People were very welcoming and happy we were there. The locals who came with us kept on returning for more supplies. At one point they started going into the local stores and having conversations with owners and workers. A few times they asked me specifically to go and pray with those who had great need. I did and we made an intentional invitation to everyone to come to a healing service we would be putting on that evening.”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of the exciting ways the Holy Spirit is working in our apostolate throughout the world, and specifically in the country of Belize.