San Pedro Island, Belize. “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons” (Mk 16:17). These are the words of our Lord right after giving the disciples the Great Commission–the charge to preach the Gospel to all creation (Mk 16:15). Going forth and doing mighty works in the name of Jesus is what a missionary disciple is called to do, and God gives us the grace to do these things in His Name and by His power. What we need is FAITH!


Does it surprise you when you see healings, when you witness people being released from the things that keep them in bondage, all in the name of Jesus? It shouldn’t! As we will see from this final encounter in Central America, where our St Paul Street Evangelization staff were witnessing to the Gospel, God is still doing mighty works in setting the captives free.

This final installment of our reports from Belize come from SPSE evangelist Joe:

“During the healing service, one of the people I prayed for was a young 26 year old woman. During our healing service, I had shared a “word of knowledge” about God wanting to set people free from addiction, especially to cigarettes and alcohol. The young woman shared that she was addicted to both and that it’s severely affected her health. At the moment, she had severe respiratory distress and was currently fighting pneumonia. As I prayed, I simply said out loud, that the spirit of addiction and affliction to come out in the name of Jesus. Immediately she started choking uncontroably. It was as if something was being pulled out. After praying that the spirit come out and be cast to the foot of the cross, she fell to her knees and started crying.

After a short time, I invited the Holy Spirit to come in to her heart and we prayed a prayer of surrender together. She felt overwhelming peace, protection and strength flood into her body. She testified to a vision of angels surrounding her and a profound sense of finally being free from self-loathing. I continued to pray against fear of disappointing God and when checking in with her, she testified that she experienced breakthrough and felt finally at home again in the church and with the Church. She made firm commitments to break off friendship with people who would intentionally tempt her back to an old lifestyle of sin and pain and she excited told me she will be going to confession with the local priest, Fr. Scott as soon as he is free. Praise God!”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth said that confession is more powerful than an exorcism. When we confess our sins in humility, the devil cannot penetrate. He wants to keep us in bondage, but he cannot stand humility. Confess your sins, and be released from bondage, from addiction, from unforgiveness. The Messiah has come to set the captives free! (Lk 4:18; Is 61:1)