Rochester, New York. How do we expect to grow and sustain ourselves as a Church without the youth? It is important to make evangelization a normal activity for normal Catholic boys and girls, not a fringe or overly complicated endeavor for superstars. That doesn’t have to be on the street, but we should instill in our children the assurance that it is OKAY to talk about Jesus with other people, encourage Catholics to confess their sins, and be filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. In fact, it is more than okay…it is an example in such children that we ourselves should emulate, as we will see from this report:


The following report comes from evangelist Deb:

“I just had to share this beautiful story and pictures with you. On Sunday I was at Pax Christi Church in Rochester for a talk about evangelization. Before the talk started, a young mom and two of her children stopped in the room to check out my resource table and to pick out some medals and holy cards. It turns out that the little girl, Sonia (6) is part of the Little Flowers Girls club and she needed to go out evangelizing in public about the Eucharist and Confession to earn a badge. I don’t think it was a coincidence that I was there to give a talk that day. I had some pamphlets on the Eucharist and the mp3 cards with the links that I gave her. When her mom asked for ideas of where to go, I told her that we had a great experience evangelizing in the Skyway by the Rochester library.

She sent me a note with a picture of their outing in the Skyway today:

‘Hi Deb,

Thank you for sharing so many great resources and materials with us. We also picked up a bunch of pamphlets with Rochester Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration times. My friend Stephanie and her four children came with us to the Skywalk. It was amazing. The kids were so excited and people were gladly taking the materials the kids were handing them. Only a few people said no thank you. I have attached some pictures.

Blessings to you!’

God is so good. It is so important to let our young people know that sharing their faith can be fun, joyful, and even normal. And we helped a Little Flower earned her badge!”

Praised be Jesus Christ! In the book of Isaiah it says, “And a little child shall lead them” (Is 11:6). Evangelization is not complicated, and neither are children for the most part. As parents, we should teach our children the love of Christ by our actions, the Faith by instruction, and evangelization by example. Once we do, we can learn a lot from the children themselves. Join us!