Detroit, Michigan. Oftentimes the evangelization efforts of our teams out on the streets spills over into the social events and public activities of our evangelists in general. One of the great things about street evangelization is it helps the evangelist to become comfortable with sharing the faith in the random circumstances of their ordinary lives. When we meet people in everyday circumstances, being comfortable with sharing the faith can lead people who may not otherwise consider returning to the Faith to do so.



The following report comes from SPSE evangelist Steve in Detroit:

“In this situation, the evangelists found themselves seated at a restaurant with a friendly young server named Betty, who was in her early twenties. The first thing our evangelists did was befriend and take a genuine interest in Betty’s life. Three quarters of the way through the meal, the evangelists had given Betty a Miraculous Medal and explained the story and found out that she was Catholic, but had been away from the Faith for a while.

The evangelists gave her several reasons for returning to the Faith. Steve asked her, “Can I tell you why I choose to go to Mass every week?” He pointed out that our relationship with God is more important than any human relationship, and that our eternal destiny depends on our relationship with God in this life. He explained that we can’t get to Heaven if we don’t love God, and we can’t love God if we don’t give Him time. Betty said she didn’t have time, but Steve noted that we prioritize things we based on what’s important to us.

Surprisingly, Betty mentioned she had never been to Confession before. The evangelists told her, for one thing, it is naturally healing to confess our sins to another person. Also, this is what God established for us to return to Communion with Him, and it gives us grace and strength for the journey. She was very receptive, and understood the analogies and committed to go back to Church and to go to Confession.”

Praised be Jesus Christ! We make time for what we value, and we spend time with those we love. Do you love God? Do you give Him time? If you are in relationship with Him, isn’t it good to say ‘I’m sorry’ and make amends periodically in that relationship? These are the kinds of questions that can gently challenge fallen away Catholics who claim not to have time for God and attending Mass to reconsider and recommit. Saint Paul Street Evangelization equips you to share the faith. Join us!