“Ask Bishop Quinn” + School is in Session

May 11, 2019

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  1. Featured: School is in Session
  2. Stories from the Street: Ask the Bishop
  3. Stories from the Street: Healing in the Name of Christ

School is in Session

The spring and summer is a busy time for our 300+ street teams as the warm weather brings parades, festivals, and more pedestrian traffic in cities and parks.

Our St. Paul School of Evangelization provides an online portal for all of our evangelists to receive training in evangelization, prayer ministry, street ministry, scripture, the catechism, apologetics, hospitality, and much more.

Our training is also available to every one of our Sustaining Partners as a thank you for supporting our mission. We need your help to continue spreading the Gospel for the salvation of souls!

Ask the Bishop

Although Saint Paul Street Evangelization is a primarily lay-run apostolate, the support of our bishops and priests is a huge blessing and vital to our work. That’s why we are always so blessed when our shepherds “hit the streets” with us in solidarity as we reach out to the flock with the Good News.

The following report comes from SPSE evangelist Deb in Winona, Minnesota: “We have been so blessed that Bishop Quinn has been able to go out multiple times with our teams to evangelize on a street corner at Winona State University.. The students seemed to be especially in a hurry yesterday, but many stopped to receive a blessing, be prayed over, or take a medal or rosary.

Healing in the Name of Christ

Another woman came up with tape and bandages wrapped all over her right forearm. I asked her what was up with her arm and she said she had torn ligaments from working with horses. She said her arm was in constant pain and she could not lift anything. My fellow prayer minister and I offered prayer. The woman reported she experienced a lot of warmth in her arm and she said it felt better. I asked her if she could test it out. She said she’d have to try to pick something up. We found a heavy duffel bag and she picked it up with ease saying that she could not do so before. Then we wanted to pick up something heavier so we found a wheel chair, which she was able to pick up with ease. We joked that someone should sit in it and let her try to pick it up. She was quite surprised that she was healed!

Immersion 2019

Immersion 2019 is just a few short weeks away. Join us this year for a great conference day, worship with Noelle Garcia, Adoration, Mass, break out sessions, and over 10 hours of hands-on ministry.

Upcoming Events

From California to New York to Florida to Minnesota, our workshops and retreats have been featured all over the country. Bring SPSE into your diocese, parish, or university for Basic Evangelization Training, Healing in Evangelization Training, Catholic Hospitality Training, retreats, or conference talks.

Email adam@stpaulse.com for more information. You can also find more information at our website.

Join the Mission

We need your help! As a grassroots, volunteer-driven apostolate we depend on our monthly donors to sustain our operations. Sustaining Partners keep our 300+ teams throughout the world going and allow us to develop new tools, resources, training, and workshops for the New Evangelization.

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