Riverside, CA. Hope makes miracles happen, and hope is sometimes communicated through the simplest gestures – even just giving someone a rosary bracelet! This recent report came from Paul.

Hi everyone, I thought I would share this story with you. Team Riverside goes out every other week to the same place, so we see a lot of the same locals. We have a lot of homeless in our area. We try to share the Gospel with them too. Among the things we give away are knotted rosary bracelets with a miraculous metal on them. I gave a bracelet to a homeless man named Ernie about six months ago. Well I saw him again this week, he came running up to me and said “I’m still wearing my bracket, and I’m not homeless any more. I was homeless for 20 year and now I’m not.” The bracelet gave him hope. He told me his story and said, “I realize I’m not worthless, but have value.” God is so good!

Included is a picture of Ann, one of our team members, with some of our rosaries and rosary bracelets.

Praised be Jesus Christ!!!