Vienna, Virginia. Sometimes as Catholics we can get into a comfortable spot–we get used to attending Mass on Sundays and volunteering with like-minded people and remaining somewhat insulated. While there is a definite need to be strengthened in the Spirit among our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are also called to go OUT, to proclaim Christ in the streets and from the rooftops and not stay sequestered. This can be uncomfortable! But virtue comes by way of habit, and so the more we do something, the more natural it becomes.

This report comes from evangelist Rafael of the Vienna, Virginia SPSE team:

“Another great St. Paul Street Evangelization outing of the Vienna VA Team at the Dunn Loring – Merrifield Metro Station. It was a rainy and cool afternoon with a breeze and Linda joined me to Evangelize. There was good pedestrian traffic considering the light drizzle and rain at times.

As we were beginning to set up our display table Paul, a Catholic that had drifted away, came and received a Holy Rosary and said that finding us was a sign for him to come back to the Church. Praise Jesus Christ!

Randal, a Methodist from Tampa, came and received a Holy Rosary, a Miraculous Medal with Crucifix and The Good News Pamphlet.

Julie, Abi and Jackie, Catholic college students from Harrisburg, received a Holy Rosary with the pamphlet in English and a Miraculous Medal with Crucifix.

Francisco, a frequent visitor, received a Holy Rosary.

Rosa, a Catholic from El Salvador, received two Holy Rosaries, a Miraculous Medal with Crucifix and Our Lady of Good Counsel Church Bulletin with contact information and directions because she was interested in taking her family to the Spanish Mass on Sunday.

Tia, who had come before, received a Miraculous Medal with Crucifix.

Paul came and received a Holy Rosary.

Finally came Sharon, a Catholic who had just moved into the area, and received Our Lady of Good Counsel bulletin with contact information and directions.

We gave out ten Rosaries, six Miraculous Medals and Crucifixes, pamphlets, prayer books, Holy Cards and prayers to those who asked for them where in their suffering we see the face of Jesus.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit that brings us all these people interested in Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, Crucifixes, pamphlets, information on the nearest Catholic Church and PRAYERS.”

Praised be Jesus Christ! When we make a habit of things like prayer and public witness, it becomes more second-nature. When we face our fears and step out in boldness, we get to witness the power of the Holy Spirit working through us. And when we trust in God to provide for all our needs, to make up for what we lack in our evangelization efforts…watch out!