San Diego, California. The Gospel message and physical healings often go hand in hand. We see at the beginning of Mark’s Gospel that Jesus is baptized, tested, and then goes out into Galilee preaching and healing. What Jesus did two thousand years ago, his followers are continuing today. The power of the Holy Spirit is the same power as it was then, and the healings from infirmities are true healings by that same power. As we will see in this report, openness to grace by way of sacramentals (such as the Miraculous Medal) is a powerful way to dispose one to inner healing by Christ’s power.

This report comes from SPSE evangelist Reggie in San Diego:

“I recently evangelized at Balboa Park in San Diego with Br. John Nguyen and a few others. One of the great encounters we had was with a group of recent high school graduates from Arizona on vacation. Half of them were really open to hearing the Gospel message. I shared with them how much God loves them and wants the best for them. I gave them “The Gospel” holy card and explained to them the Kerygma. We also gave them the Miraculous Medal and explained to them what it is. 6 out of 7 of them accepted it. At the end, Br. John offered to pray for them and asked God to come right now to touch their lives, that they may feel His peace and presence. Afterwards, he asked if any of them felt anything and two of them said they did.

Br. John has another story where we prayed for a guy who had a 9 out of 10 back pain. The first time we prayed for him to went down to a 6, the second we pray it went down to a 2 and the third time it went to a zero. Praise God Almighty!