Boise, ID. Using the rosary to attract their attention, we should invite everyone who comes to us (regardless of their appearance or disposition) to draw closer to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Son, Jesus Christ. As Our Lady said to St. Dominic, “If you want to reach hardened souls and win them over to God, preach my Rosary.”


The following report comes from the SPSE team in Boise, Idaho:

Two evangelists were available for today’s outing, where we encountered everyone from homeless men to fun-seeking teens. Jesus loves them all and wants them to come to Him.
A panhandler, who had stationed himself across the walkway from our regular spot, complained to evangelist Chuck about how loudly he was offering free rosaries to passersby. The man declined accepting one himself. At one point, a nicely dressed man gave the panhandler a bag of chips, then came over to our table to accept a Rosary and its pamphlet. A non-Catholic Christian and unfamiliar with the rosary, our visitor was glad to see that the focus of the prayers is on Christ.
We also saw some familiar faces among the homeless men who were walking by. Some are struggling with physical health issues like Walt. (Please pray for him…heโ€™d been hospitalized for 3-4 days with a bad infection on his leg and, due to homelessness, found it challenging to keep up the schedule and food requirements for the ongoing antibiotics). Others struggle with mental health problems, like a homeless man who talked of suicide a few weeks ago. Today he greeted us as he passed by. He was doing better, and told us that he had given his rosary away to another street person to comfort them.
We encountered many teens and gave out lots of rosaries. Some of the teens were more respectful of the sacramental than others. Sadly, many of them didn’t know much about Jesus or prayer. We encouraged them to get to know the God who loves them so much that He died for them.
Praised be Jesus Christ! Please pray for all the people that the Boise team encountered that day, and all of the people SPSE evangelists meet on a daily basis. May our Blessed Lord use the sacramentals we give away and the conversations we have to help people grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.