Oakdale, MN. While our separated Protestant brethren already have part of the truth, they are still misinformed about what Catholics truly believe and what the Bible actually says. Which is why it’s so important for us to be out there sharing the fullness of the Good News…Jesus Christ and His one true faith! And when the facts fail to win them over, sometimes healing can as we’ll see in today’s story.


The following report comes from Denise and our Twin Cities team:

Recently we were out at the Transfiguration Parish Festival, and despite the rain, Mark, Risa, Scott, Daryl, Neil and I had some great encounters. One woman questioned Mark about why Catholics worship statues because it clearly states in the Bible that we are not to worship idols. Mark was able to talk with her about where she learned this, and help her see that Catholics don’t worship idols, but use sacred art to lift our hearts to God, whom we do worship. He shared with her the “Common Objections” pamphlet to help her understand Catholicism better. We pray a seed was planted in her heart.

Another Protestant sister, Janet, said she needed prayer for her ear problems. She had ringing in her ears, dizziness and lots of pain. I asked her if she believed that Jesus wanted to heal her ear and she said yes. Then I put my hand over her ear and prayed in the name of Jesus for it to be healed. She got a big smile on her face and said she felt power and heat in her ear, and that the pain and ringing were gone! I praised God with her in more prayer, and then asked her if she would consider finding out about the Catholic Church. She said she would and took a Miraculous Medal as a reminder of Jesus’ healing and his love and mercy in her life. I pointed her toward the pastor who was walking the festival as the person she could talk to about becoming Catholic.

Praised be Jesus Christ! As Psalm 133 reminds us, “How good and how pleasant it is, when brothers dwell together as one!” Let us pray that all of our evangelization efforts will eventually pay off and one day Protestant and Catholic brothers and sisters will live in harmony and “dwell together as one!”