Dallas, TX. Soon to be canonized John Henry Cardinal Newman once said “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” Today’s story features an encounter with a Protestant who is unaware of her own church’s past, let alone that of the Roman Catholic Church. Sometimes all it takes is a simple history lesson to help people understand why Catholicism is the Church established by Jesus Christ. Let us pray for all of those who believe that the truth is found somewhere other than the Barque of Peter.


The following report comes from Paul and our Dallas, TX team:

Dallas is up and running today. It was 93 degrees and we handed out water and the Word of God in his One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We had some good conversations with various people from Catholics to non-denominational to Church of Christ. Subjects included intercession, Mary and the Saints, once saved always saved, confession, and more.

A Church of Christ woman claimed her church is the church created by Christ and that they hid underground. She could not explain who Alexander Campbell was and what his role was in her Church. She was very friendly as she told us “The Catholic Church is the Devil” and refused to take any kind of literature. We also had some solid Catholics walk by, one of whom works at Catholic Radio here! We had two Seminarians with us from Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving, TX, which is next to the University of Dallas. It was a good day overall.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Let us always be thankful to God for the unmerited gift of leading us to the truth, and may we continue to share that truth with everyone we meet.